Friday, August 1, 2008


The title is not true, as this is really not the end, but a continuation of lifelong learning. Since June I have been embarked on a journey into another world. I actually thought that I was a little computer savy. Ha! The learning curve has been truly amazing.

A few of my favorite things, Flickr, Rollyo, Big Lab, Teacher Tube, U Tube, are all things I can and will use in my classroom. I found the ability to make google more than a search engine, (which I love). Reader RSS also enters the list.

As a life long learner this was a great experience. It brought me into the computer world in entirely new ways, and helped me stay abreast of the changes in the world. The neatest part was in learning something new. The path was not always smooth, very much like physics and the roller coaster, kinetic and potential energy. This is kinetic and potential learning.

The program was well done and laid out. A few improvements: 1) Either make it shorter or give more credit, I spent way more than 18hrs. on this. Of course, meandering off task did some of it. Perhaps for some people it went faster as they started with more knowledge. 2) Some areas needed more instructions, for example: transferring teacher tube or my photostory was very difficult. It took many, many hours, and perserverence.

If another course were offered in the future you can count me in. It was an wonderful way to learn. Too often district in-services are at a awkward time, less than wonderful instructors, and an audience at all stages of learning, so we have people bored, restless, crabby etc. This course allows one to go at their own pace and figure it out. GREAT!!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ringa, dinga, ninga! #22

This was pretty interesting. Something for everyone, the fact that it is by groups is very helpful. Not sure how to use in classroom, perhaps for the students to "blog" about our class. It also would be useful professionally meet with other professionals and compare ideas, thoughts, etc.


I ave the clever science safety video-its on my computer and I cannot get it into my blog. Time to finish #22, and come back, sometimes a break helps. Sooner or later it will get here.

Safety Rules! #21

Inspiration! This little clip was not that hard, lots to learn (what else is new), however the sky is the limit. I already am inspired to create more, more, more. This is late summer when time is an amazing

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Maybe We're Tubing!

This may not be the right way - however here is a teacher tube from a brilliant man. One that is worth sharing, as it gives an insight into how great minds work and how they can be "taught."

You Tube - Teacher Tube #20

A good time was had in looking at all the videos on both! There are some amazingly creative people out there (and some not). The internet has really given voice to the world. There are some bands that are really cool. Teacher tube - rocks. NOW the problem is getting a video to embed. Somehow that seems to escape me. However I will keep trying.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Awards are Rewarding! #19

This covered a wide range of topics, and as usual I got lost in looking. Favorites that will be visited again are:
Health - especially peer trainer (part of my soon to be implemented program to "shape up." ) the first one - Revolution health was very helpful, and had a holistic link on it.
Visual arts - Color Blender was amazing, for all those times you need a little help in color choices.

Three from the list already in use: Linkedin, Library Thing and Craigs List. Found this useful as it cut throught the tons of sites out there and gave some steerage to good sites.